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BrightLogic 2 Two Pump Low Flow Laundry Dispenser Suitable for loads between 5kg and 35, the BrightLogic is compatible with both intelligent and non-intelligent washing machines. Choose from various modes, including relay, formula select, and levels mode, to dispense the optimal type and amount of detergent tailored to each load.Transform the laundry operations with BrightLogic 2 Laundry dosing. Eliminate the inconvenience of manual dosing with our system that can automatically dispense 2 to 10 chemicals at a rapid flow rate of up to 285ml* per minute.Thanks to its quick-tube-change configuration, our patented double pump head makes installation and maintenance quick and easy. With flexibility to reconfigure with plug-and-play pump modules, the BrightLogic is the perfect solution for laundry operations in multiple environments.


BrightLogic OPL Laundry TWO pump system MID range with Brightchem tube and quick connects


$1250.00 each

*Contact us directly for your questions and orders

Brightwell Bright Logic 2

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