2019 X-Tinguisher

"X-Tinguisher Decontamination Cleansing Wipes"Developed for First Responders. Non-Toxic Gentle on Skin.Cleans & Eliminates Tough Smoke Odours, Soot Particles, Grease, Heavy Metal Residue. Use immediately after exposure for instant cleansing. Wipe thoroughly over desired areas, squeeze wipe re-use to dry off (Shower within the hour with X-Tinguishers Hair & Body Wash for overall Cleansing & Decontamination)**20 Large Thick Unscented Alcohol Free Wipes 12 x 12.5** **Recycleable & Biodegragable****Contact us for your questions and orders**

X-Tinguisher Decontamination Cleansing Wipes