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Just showered after a full day of live Fire Training using X-Tinguisher Fire Fighter Hair & Body Wash. Smoke Odour......GONE! Thank you for providing us with products we can count on to Decontaminate all our Equipment. We use your products to clean our Turnouts, Apparatus interiors even the Straps on our Breathing Apparatus! Your products combined with our Decontamination Equipment & Procedures have enabled us to Provide the Highest level of Safety to our Staff & their Families. Contamination of Gear & Distinct Odour around the station of a recent Fire is no longer culturally acceptable. The use of X-Tinguisher products virtually Eliminated both. I highly recommend the use of X-Tinguisher Products!

Deputy Chief 
James Arnold
King Township Fire Department

A Friend had a House Fire & her Grand Daughters "Precious stuffed animal" had suffered Smoke Damage. When it was finally returned to the family after a fire restoration company claimed to have cleaned the item, it still had a strong smell of Smoke from the fire,
Stuffy was pre-soaked for 15 minutes & thoroughly cleaned it with Premium Laundry Detergent leaving it scent free & cleaned from the Fire.
X-Tinguisher products are Tough on Smoke, Soot, Grease, they Deep Clean, Eliminate Odours Without harming Fabrics & Fine Washables with a neutral PH of 8.5.

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